ejournal kitabaca
ejournal kitabaca


Kitabaca : Journal of Islamic Studies,  is a double-blind review quarterly, has established a reputation for publishing scholarly research and analysis, as well as book reviews, on the Middle East and the Islamic world. Included within the areas covered are North Africa, West Asia and the various regions and countries in Asia containing significant Muslim communities. The Journal focuses in particular on the political, security, economic, energy, cultural, educational and demographic linkages between Asia and the Middle Eastern/Islamic worlds. The approach is interdisciplinary, straddling and combining perspectives from political science, international relations, history, economics, anthropology, sociology, culture and religion.

International Consortium of Islamic researchers (ICONIRs) will build on this solid foundation, retaining the same interdisciplinary approach and area coverage. It is the editorial arrangements, the procedural processes in attracting and accepting manuscripts, and the outreach into different markets which International Consortium of Islamic researchers (ICONIRs) wishes to develop.

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